Facilities --- 1. Spacious & well ventilated classrooms 2. Well-stocked library 3. Computer Laboratory 4. A Vibrant General Art Studio 5. A Sick Bay 6. Basket Ball & Volley courts 7. Football Park 8. A well structured & equipped catering department for practical lessons 9. Spacious & well ventilated Boys & Girls Dormitories 10. Mounted Satellite receivers for distance education programs

About Us

Extra-Curricular Achievements
Great Lamptey-Mills Complex School is the first school to set an enviable record by winning the national quiz competition on two consecutive occasions; year 2000 and 2001 respectively.

In the field of sports and games, the school's performance is excellent.

Both the boy's and the girl's team won the 2003 football festival for Private Schools organized at the Elwak Sports Stadium. The school also has a Soccer Academy which is currently in the Second Division. The school is also the first to come out with Educational movies which include Crime Combat, Kiss of Doom, Beware of Friends, Sakawa, The Game girls play, The Bad King, Keep the Environment Clean, Stop AIDS, etc